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Dr. Scholl’s launched the Original Exercise Sandal in 1965. Sold in drugstores as a way to tone legs, the sandal became an iconic 60s fashion accessory when worn by Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy – representing a new, carefree and rebellious way of dressing.

Fifty years later and with recent attention from Marc Jacobs and other fashion labels, Dr. Scholl’s asked us to tell the story behind their iconic sandal and reinvent its modern-day image to be relevant to a more sophisticated fashion audience. To do so, we wanted to convey the brand’s legacy of free-spirited fashion for intelligent rebels. We designed an illustrated booklet that tells the story of the sandal’s origins and the fashionable women who wear the shoes today. The booklet was presented with a series of postcards featuring photographs from the brand’s archives. The booklet cover line, “When does a SANDAL cause a SCANDAL?” was letterpressed on the front-side of the invitation to preview the new collection.

We renamed the collection The Original’s Sandal and created a new brand marque that was silkscreened on shoe bags and used across printed matter. A red running stitch through the booklet and painted red edge on the invitation reference the classic sandal’s red strap. The typography visually expresses the nuances of the writing, playfully bringing to life select words and phrases. Materials and production methods were carefully considered to create a sophisticated yet humble set of objects that reflected the quality and modest origins of this unexpected fashion brand. The design conveys the sandal’s quirky elegance, following tradition, yet breaking with convention.

Design Week Awards, Nomination, 2015.