Passing Through at Schema Projects

4 March 2016


Schema Projects’ new exhibition, Passing Through opens today in Bushwick. The Brooklyn-based gallery, led by artist Mary Judge, is devoted to works of art on paper. Curated by Jeanne Heifetz, the exhibition includes works by 13 artists all working with thread and paper. It also marks the opening of the Schema Projects ‘Sculpture Space’ with the temporary installation by Barbara Campisi. We designed the gallery’s new identity which launched in January. Read more about the project here.


Gardens without a Garden in Kyoto

1 March 2016


With little private outdoor space, Kyoto’s gardens spill out onto the street. From neat and ordered to free and wild, the potted gardens transform the quality of the busy streetscapes. They are a reminder of nature that we rarely see in such dense urban spaces, as well as the people living or working in the buildings. While a city’s sidewalks are increasingly designed to be ordered and uniformly groomed, these gardens reflect a more informal, personal approach that celebrates a love of plants and home.



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

24 December 2015


Please Touch Wet Proofs!

18 December 2015


Round three of wet proofs of our new book, Please Touch, for the Gateway Foundation due to be published by Prestel in Spring 2016. Images looking good; it’s just a matter of finalizing which paper stock to go for.

Schema Projects Holiday Gif

15 December 2015


We just created this happy holidays gif for Schema Projects. The Brooklyn-based gallery’s new identity will launch in January, but here’s a sneak peak.

Design Week Awards Nomination

01 October 2015


We’re honored that ‘The Original’s Sandal’ campaign we created for Dr. Scholl’s was nominated for this year’s Design Week Awards in the Writing for Design category. Special thanks to our collaborator, writer Matthew Temple.

The Bamboo Biker & Friend

01 September 2015


Our neighbor in Vanguard Court, architect Taro Tsuruta, built a bamboo bicycle and is riding 361 miles from London to Rotterdam and back to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research. We designed cycling shirts for Taro and his friend accompanying him on the ride (though not on a bamboo bike). You can read about the trip on Taro’s blog and see pictures of the bike’s construction. Well done guys!


Beauty Brands Opening

16 July 2015


Two of the company’s flagship stores opened in Kansas City this month. We have worked with Beauty Brands CEO Lyn Kirby since early 2014, leading the complete repositioning and redesign of brand’s identity and retail environment. The shop-salon-spa concept occupies a 7,000 square foot space, but has been designed to feel intimate and upscale with its minimal interior; use of natural materials; and emphasis on maximizing daylight wherever possible. Read more about the project here.


Trawling Wash U’s Athletics Archives

8 July 2015


We’re currently working on signage and graphics for Washington University’s new athletic complex designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson architects that will retain a portion of the original building built for the 1904 World’s Fair & Olympic games. In researching the building’s history, we’ve been making our way through the school’s archive of sports memorabilia and team yearbook photos starting in 1896. We noticed the many different versions of the University “W” used on jerseys over the years. Even within the same year, different teams wore different letterforms to suit their different sports. While today Universities use one consistent logo, we loved seeing this more idiosyncratic approach that suits each team’s unique character.




A Visit to Scarpa’s Brion Tomb

26 April 2015


Architect Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Tomb lies about 30 minutes outside Verona and is an incredible place to visit. Currently being restored by one of Scarpa’s original assistants.